We are proud to have associates that we share business with.  Craig Martucci  recently started mawadvisors which we became associated with October, 2014.  Below is a bio on Craig.   His website can be found at:


Please visit with Craig.   He is knowledgeable and very experienced in his field.  He is also a very personable individual.  He can certainly help you with your financial planning and investment strategies.

Craig has achieved the designation of Accredited Investment Fiduciary. He spent nine years with Costco Wholesale and became the youngest individual promoted to staff manager. Craig began his current career as a financial consultant with Paine Webber and joined RBC Wealth Management in 2000.


Nate Sakamoto is the owner of Safe Haven Vaults. Private vaults are becoming the new thing in safeguarding your assets. Banks are only open certain hours and are subject to many legal issues. With a private vault, you can have access 24/7 with no questions asked. They are secured by two different entrance keypads and a retina scan. There have been many news stories about how unsafe bank safety deposit boxes are.If you have any precious metals, legal documents or just memories that you want protected, a private vault is something you need.

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