Q. Why outsource my Accounting Department?

A.  There are a lot of reasons to outsource your accounting department but the most important one is that you will get a higher value and have less cost than hiring an in-house accountant.

Q. Why should I outsource my Accounting?

A.  There are a lot of benefits that will come from outsourcing your accounting but the most important is that you will get a higher value from an out sourced accounting service than you will get from an in-house accountant.  Let a professional do a professional job.  You are proud of the services you provide and you should be spending your time focusing on that niche.  Spend your time developing and implementing your business strategy.  By outsourcing your accounting to an accounting service will free up your time to do that.  You will be able to increase the time you have in a day.

Q.  How can an outsourced Accounting Department help me manage my business?

A.  The hiring and training process is expensive.  Finding the right people to fill your Accounting Department is counter effective.  When you outsource your accounting needs, you will no longer need to spend time worrying about that part of your business.  If you have been doing the Bookkeeping your self, you can free up your time to manage the money making activities instead of spending time doing the important task of tracking your accounting results and invoicing customers.

An outsourced Accounting Department gives you access to accurate financial data on a timely manner so you can make important decisions concerning the aspects of your business that will ensure success.  This will help you to become truly savvy in investing your energy and resources in the right places.  The door is left open for you to gain resources that may not have been there before.  You will maintain full around-the-clock control and access to your financial information.

Q.  Won’t I lose control of the books if I outsource?

The short answer is NO.  You will have more control since you have not hired a professional which will give your more financial information at your fingertips.  You will also have more time to plan and be proactive instead of reactive.

Q.  I like having an extra employee around here to help with things.

A.  If you need someone to make coffee and complete the small tasks, that is great.  But you need to think about this, how easy is it to find some who knows about Quickbooks, financial analysis, tax preparation and can do accounting on any number of accounting packages?  A person who does not just play around with Accounting software but knows how to make it work.  Someone whose number one job is to make sure your accounting is done timely and accurately.  Aren’t you tired about worrying about the financial part of your business?

Q.  What much will it cost?

A.  Actually less than what you are spending right now.  First we will probably charge less than you are paying for your accounting services.  Plus you will be able to save on the hiring and training costs.  You will also not have to pay for rent, utilities, phone lines or benefits.  Best of all, you will not need to manage the bookkeeper.  The cost does relate to the nature of your business, how much you want us to do and how often we will be interacting with you.  However, we will give you a fixed bid.  We do not work on a time and material basis.  You will know up front the cost of our services.

Q.  How can I be assured that my confidential information will not be shared with third parties?

A.  We understand the need to maintain confidence with your information.  We are professionals and maintain strict confidence with all of our clients information.  By signing a contract, we assure you that we will maintain that confidence.





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